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Beef Bro: Beef Bro Opens New Restaurant At Arab Street

We all definitely heard of Beef Bro or tried their mouth-watering, juicy beef cubes. Very famous for their flame-grilled beef cubes, Beef Bro has always been the hottest thing at pasar malams. Beef Bro specialises in flame-grilled beef, seafood, and bento boxes. While they have always been seen as kiosks, they have recently opened Beef Bro Restro last November.

Different from their other stores which are in the form of kiosks, Beef Bro Restro is their first ever restaurant concept. Located along the road at 41 Arab Street, Beef Bro Restro is the perfect convenient hangout spot for you and your friends to satisfy your beefy cravings.

You may think that Beef Bro Restro offers only flame-grilled beef cubes. But no! Their menu is so extensive you can find an array of pastas, rice bowls and even whole lobsters at an affordable price.

Food at Beef Bro Restro

Now let's dive right into the delectable food we tried at Beef Bro Restro. We left the place feeling so full and our tummies were filled with good food. You can see through the picture how delicious the food are, it is a must to try them!

Firstly, we tried their famous topseller Cheesy Mentaiko Shortribs Beef Cubes ($12.90)! Just look at how generous they are with the cheese and mentaiko. They are flame-grilled to perfection, you can never stop eating. You can find this at every of their store islandwide.

Next up is their Nasi Goreng Beef Bro ($18), available only at Beef Bro Restro. This Asian-Western Fusion dish is an added twist to their extensive menu. Nasi Goreng Beef Bro is a combination of our local Nasi Goreng and Beef Bro's blowtorched beef cubes which is an authentic Taiwanese concept. You do not want to give this dish a miss.

Another main that we tried is Beef Bro's Fish & Chips ($18). The dish is huge in portion and it is well-seasoned. Something about their fries made us want more.

This is Beef Bro's to-die-for Lobster Carbonara ($28), which consists of their very creamy carbonara and a huge, tender lobster. It is our favourite. I mean... who doesn't love lobsters? Definitely a must-try if you are a fan of lobsters just like us.

One last food that left all of us super full is their Seafood Platter. You can see it for yourself how huge the platter is. You can choose from their Family Seafood Platter ($188), which is best for 3-4 pax and their Twin Seafood Platter ($98) which is best for 2 pax. The platter consists of seafood like bamboo lobster, river prawns, squid, pomfret, clams, mussels and sweet corn on the cob. This massive platter is complemented with 3 sauces.

Of course you will need a drink after all the good food. We tried their Lychee Cooler ($7.20), which is super refreshing. We highly recommend you to try this beverage! Apart from coolers, there are also other drink options like juices, sodas, and also hot beverages like cappuccino and latte.

If you would like to dine in at Beef Bro Restro, you can make a reservation on Beef Bro's website For added convenience, you can even order online for delivery or takeaway.

41 Arab St

Singapore 199740

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday

11am - 10.30pm

Apart from Beef Bro Restro, you can find 6 other stores islandwide closer to your home. For more information, you can visit their website.

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