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Chief Player of Seriously Fun Collective

Salam! I'm Max from The Halal Mixologist, part of the Seriously Fun Collective, a Food & Beverage group behind Singapore's OG halal bar concepts such as Wanderlost Lounge, Fairytail Bar and more recently Nauti Nauti Oyster Bar,

A couple of years ago, we noticed that the halal F&B scene lacked the 'fun' element and so we wanted to do something about it and make halal dining a fun experience. So we decided to toy with the idea of Halal Bars with a simple and clear mission:


We started the ball rolling and the rest was history. Fast forward to today, we have a couple of FUN halal brands under our group and this is only just the start.


Recently, we have also been thinking about our identity and our role in the growth of our Halal community and how we can contribute further.​ Moving forward, on top of our own concepts, The Halal Mixologist will also be producing media contents of other halal establishments to help spread the word of these establishments to our community.

We're excited to begin this new journey and we hope to make an impact, even if its just a small one.

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Let's stay connected!

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