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The Original Pisang Keju: 2nd Outlet now open in the West

Perfect for: Impressing your makciks

Source: @halalfoodhunt, @dillicpackaging, @theoriginalpisangkeju/Instagram

Good news for fried banana fritter fans living in the west of Singapore: The Original Pisang Keju (TOPK) has finally opened a new outlet at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort!

Their first outlet is located in East Village, Bedok.

First outlet in the West

This will be the first TOPK outlet located in the west side of Singapore. Based on an announcement on their Facebook page, the outlet will be officially open for business on December 16.

The outlet at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort will be located within 555 Halal Thai, the newly opened Thai restaurant by celebrated make-up artist, Fatimah Mohsin.

According to the same Facebook post, this outlet is unlike its takeaway-only shop in Bedok as it comes with a dining area for customers to enjoy their hot and crispy Pisang Keju freshly made from the oven.

Diners can also place orders from the other food vendors situated at the same venue.

More items on the menu

With a larger space to operate from, the new outlet will also offer an expanded menu.

Besides its popular Pisang Keju that comes in a variety of toppings, the menu will also include other items such as BBQ Chix, Dendeng, and other Goreng – Gorengan (fried fritters).

Here are some of the food you can expect:

Source: @singapore.foodie/Instagram

Source: @msdbs_/Instagram

Source: @theoriginalpisangkeju/Instagram

Perfect for: Impressing your makciks and instagrammable quick bites

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Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2 #01-10A, Singapore 718813

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: check their social media


Disclaimer: This is a repost by thehalaleater and full credits is given to them. By no means do we intend to copyright as we would only like to spread the news to others. View the article on their website at:

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