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Anak Bapak: Halal Bak Kut Teh in Singapore?!

Photo credits: @ivanbotakyong on instagram, @ace shimizu & @T greensake on google images

Ever heard of halal bak kut teh before? While it's a concept many may struggle to accept, it's a real thing! Created by a father and son team, you can find halal bak kut teh in Singapore at Anak Bapak, a Muslim-owned hawker stall at Eunos Crescent. If you're as curious as we are about this typically unaccessible dish, let us learn more about what it's really about!

Anak Bapak Halal Muslim Restaurant is located at Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre. The words "Anak Bapak" can be simply translated to "Son" and "Father" in the Malay language. However, if you choose to scrutinise a little more, it could also mean "Father's Son". Malay fathers often refer to themselves in third person when speaking to their children, so when they say "anak bapak" or "father's son", they could actually be saying "my son". We think that's so cute!

P.S. It is known in Malay as an expression of love and an endearing way of a father referring to his son. Used like this - "Mari sini, anak bapak!" (Come here, my son!)

Photo credits: @ivanbotakyong on instagram

Manned by Mr Kamal and his son, Shah, Anak Bapak is the first eatery in Singapore to offer halal bak kut teh made with beef instead of the traditional pork. The misconception many have is that bak kut teh is ALWAYS made with pork because it says so in it's name. But that is the furthest thing from the truth! "Bak kut teh" translates to meat bone tea in Hokkien which does not actually directly refer to pork in it's name at all!

Cooking runs deep in Mr. Kamal's veins. From starting as an army cook at 17, he progressed to head chef positions in hotels. Now 64, he has perfected his own secret bak kut teh recipe. His painstakingly simmered and brewed broth, made with beef ribs, brisket, Chinese herbs, and black sauce, is served hot in claypots. Accompanied by chicken rice and homemade sambal, Mr. Kamal's 50 daily bowls reflect his honed instincts and decades of culinary experience!

Anak Bapak is a great place to go for a delicious and affordable halal meal! While the bak kut teh is the star of the show, there are other dishes worth trying like laksa, prawn mee, beef char siew and much more. So next time you're in the mood for some bak kut teh, be sure to check out Anak Bapak Halal Muslim Restaurant and show them some love!

Anak Bapak Halal Muslim Restaurant

Halal status: Halal-certified

Adderss: 4A Eunos Cres, #01-16, Singapore 402004

Opening hours: Mon; 9:30am - 7pm | Tue - Sun; 10am - 7pm

This is a repost by Have Halal Will Travel and full credits is given to them. By no means do we intend to copyright as we would only like to spread the news to others. View the article on their website at

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