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LEGOLAND Malaysia: Where to go this Children's day

Whether Singaporean or Malaysian, you've surely heard of this exciting theme park in Johor: LEGOLAND Malaysia! Home to 3 different parks filled with loads of rides, a hotel and stores of halal food, this thrilling theme park resort has everything you need. You don't even need to leave the place - because they have a hotel in the resort! That way, you and your family can stay at LEGOLAND for as long as you wish, trying out all the parks and all the food without having to worry about travelling around Johor!

If you're heading to LEGOLAND Malaysia soon and don't know where to begin, you're in luck. Cause you're on HHWT's guide to LEGOLAND Malaysia! Read on for a starter guide on all you need to know about LEGOLAND Malaysia

Where & How To Get to LEGOLAND Malaysia

Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

Here's the good news for Singaporeans: LEGOLAND is just a 25-minute drive away from Tuas Checkpoint! So if you're heading over by car, all you've got to do is clear Singapore and Malaysia's immigration and customs - and you're practically already there.

Another option is to get a bus from coach services like Transfer Travel, Superior Coach and more. There are plenty of pick-up points scattered across Singapore like Lavender MRT and Golden Mile Complex - so you can head to LEGOLAND Malaysia with ease.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

Before you head to the theme park, you're going to need to know 2 important things: LEGOLAND Malaysia's opening hours, and LEGOLAND 's ticket prices! LEGOLAND's ticket prices depend on the park you're entering. LEGOLAND has 3 different parks for you to enjoy: LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Water Park and LEGOLAND Sea Life! Check out LEGOLAND's 1 Day ticket prices here:

  • 1-Day Theme Park: RM199/adult , RM169/child or senior

  • 1-Day Water Park: RM149/adult, RM 129/child or senior

  • 1-Day Sea Life: RM89/adult, RM69/child or senior

If you're looking to enjoy all the parks in a day, you could also opt for their combo tickets!

  • 1 Day Double Park (Theme Park + Aquarium): RM279/adult, RM219/child or senior

  • 1 Day Triple Park: RM339/adult, RM279/child or senior

And of course, before you head over for a day of fun, you're going to need to know LEGOLAND's opening hours! All three parks are open from 10am to 6pm each day, with the last admission being at 5pm. So if you get there early, you're bound to have a whole day of fun!

*Prices are based on LEGOLAND Malaysia's website as of 20 September 2023.

Must-Visit Attractions at LEGOLAND Malaysia


Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

With over 8 awesome themed areas, LEGOLAND Malaysia's theme park is home to over 40 rides and attractions perfect for the whole family. Kids can ''earn their driving license'' at driving school, race and splash each other at Aquazone Wave Racers and even discover their adrenaline-seeking side with the kid-friendly roller coasters!?

P.S. Be sure not to miss out on LEGOLAND Malaysia's most recent event, Build The Thrills! Located at The Beginning, witness iconic, scaled-up Lego Ferrari models, build your own cars and more.

2. LEGOLAND Water Park

Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

Need to cool off from the hot tropical sun? LEGOLAND Malaysia's water park is where all the splashing good fun is! Race your family and friends on the LEGO Slide Racers, feel the adrenaline rush of sliding down a 240-foot high tunnel, or unleash your creativity and build a boat.

3. SEA LIFE Aquarium

Picture credit: SEA LIFE Malaysia

For the curious child in you (and with you!), SEA LIFE Malaysia is an aquarium built to engage and inspire everyone's love for the ocean. Enjoy compelling storytelling, as you explore the 25 display tanks and 11 habitat zones. With so many areas to gaze at sea creatures in wonder, you'll be meeting at least 120 different species!

P.S. To get real up close and personal, we recommend heading to the Rockpool, where experts will guide you through touching starfishes, sea anemones and more!


Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

The fun doesn't stop there. If you're staying in the resort for a couple of days, LEGOLAND Hotel's got a surprise for you: their rooms are themed and fun-packed too! Choose from 4 themed rooms: Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure and Ninjago to explore your own fantasy world right before bed. The best part? The hotel has LEGOs everywhere!

Halal Food

Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

What's a fun day without amazing food? After all that excitement, you're bound to work up an appetite. So here's perhaps the most exhilarating news of all: according to LEGOLAND Malaysia, all the food in the parks is halal-certified by JAKIM! No worries about double-checking for halal signs and statuses, it's practically a buffet. LEGOLAND Malaysia has Asian food, pizza stands, thirst-quenching ice kacang, and way more. There are too many to list right now: you're going to have to head over and check it out for yourselves!

Tips From Our Readers

Picture credit: LEGOLAND Malaysia

We asked our readers how their experience with LEGOLAND Malaysia has been and this is what they've got to say.

*Do note that these tips are from our readers who visited the theme park pre-covid.

If you're going with seniors or kids, this might come in handy: ''Although we always drive, don't forget to check out the tours from Singapore to LEGOLAND! Oh, and LEGOLAND is hot with not enough shaded seats for the elderly!'' - Rohani. So perhaps an umbrella might help you out!

There are also exciting competitions you have to check out! ''I went there pre-covid and they strictly did not allow any food or drinks (from outside the parks) so do remember to check your bags. It's also pretty hot there; you can head to the indoor LEGO building for air conditioning! They also have mini LEGO competitions daily so be sure to check that out - you can win your own LEGO Keychain!'' - Farhana

''I went there really long ago so I don't know what upgrades they've had since then but the best ride was the dragon rollercoaster. The staff are super nice and if there aren't many ppl there towards the end of the day they'll let you go again on the roller-coaster without getting off! Hahaha. I think I took it like 17 times. Also the castle at said roller-coaster ride is very cool to explore and check out the little LEGO decorations. I got one of those custom LEGO key chains where they engrave your name on the side! It was a nice piece of memorabilia.'' - Kina

And there you have it: all you need to know about heading to LEGOLAND! An exciting fun day (or days!) awaits you, so be sure to share this article with your loved ones to plan your next trip over.

This is a repost by Have Halal Will Travel and full credits is given to them. By no means do we intend to copyright as we would only like to spread the news to others. View the article on their website at

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