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11 Places To Order Takeaway/Delivery From This Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)!

Information published here is accurate at the time of publishing, and may change in the future. For the most updated information of the merchants below, check their information in the halalfoodhunt app!

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We’ve gone through this before, and we definitely can do it again. Let’s stay home to stay safe, and order takeaway/delivery in support of our local F&B businesses! '

Whether ordering for your own lunch as you WFH, or sending over something sweet to friends and family, and maybe even helping out some parents you know who have kids on HBL, this short list of halal options has something for everyone.

Let’s flatten the curve (and order delivery)!


A luxurious teatime treat to help you curb over the late afternoon lethargy - get a cake and eat it too! Cat & The Fiddle (@catandthefiddlecakes) offers their scrumptious selection of cheesecakes. Can’t decide on just one flavour? Choose the Fickle Feline - the ultimate smorgasbord with 10 slices of cheesecake of different flavours. Send someone a cake to show you love and miss them! Cat & The Fiddle is offering 15% off for whole cakes purchased online with promo code <CHEATCAT>. P.S. Father’s Day is coming up next month so make plans for a cake soon!


Photo from: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering on Facebook

Savour mouth-watering classic Malay dishes from the legendary Hjh Maimunah (@hjhmaimunahrestaurant). They even have the perfect WFH Bundle ($50) that will feed you and your family of four well for the day! Includes four dishes, 4 assorted bubur and 4 bottles of Teh Sosro. Check out their full menu and find your favourite lauk there!

Photo from: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering on Facebook

🚚 Takeaway and islandwide delivery available. Order via Grab or Oddle. 🧕 Muslim owned. (Check updated verification on the Halalfoodhunt App)


For a comfortable casual dining at home that also comes with ice-cream desserts, the choice is Swensen’s! Swensen’s (@swensenssingapore) is also offering discounted family sets that includes their own take of the classic Ramly burger that they called - The Bagus Burger!

A complete meal needs to end with a dessert and yes, enjoy their iconic Earthquake, mega sundaes, Jumbo Banana Split at home because they can be delivered too! These ice-cream treats are also the perfect gifts to send over to friends and family.🚚 Takeaway and delivery available from all outlets islandwide. Islandwide delivery available on Grabfood. Order via Foodpanda, Grabfood and Deliveroo.

🧕 Halal certified.


Photo from: The Black Hole Group on Facebook

The Black Hole Group (@theblackholedelivers) makes it easy for you to experience six of their distinctive concepts in just one order with their delivery service! Their delivery menu is especially curated to include some of the best from Tipo (pastas), Working Title (burgers), Afterwit (Mexican food like tacos and burritos), Ela (Greek food like skewers and mains) and The Mad Sailors (British food like fish & chips and bangers & mash). The Black Hole Delivers offers a jaw-dropping 50% discount off all delivery and pick-up orders! T&C. No time like the present to snag this great deal!

5. PIZZA ARC Put a smile on a child’s face when you order them pizzas from Pizza Arc (@pizza_arc)! If you know parents who have kids stuck at home (because HBL, yknow), sending over some pizzas may just make their day. Apart from kid-friendly flavours like Hawaiian and Pepperoni, Pizza Arc also has Ramadan specials like the Nasi Lemak Pizza and Sambal Prawn Pizza that are available until June. Read our review here!

Pizza Arc offers FREE islandwide delivery with a minimum purchase of $60.


Photo from: Poke Theory on Facbook

Rainbow in a bowl is what you’ll be getting from Poke Theory (@poketheorysg) with their modern poke bowls, acai bowls, cold pressed juice & healthy snacks! These are made of marinated sashimi, vibrant vegetables and grains. Eating healthy doesn’t mean bland food, that’s for sure! Be sure to check out their healthy snack packs (kale chips, crispy salmon skin, smoked almonds and spiced roasted cashews) too. Munchies to help you through the day as you WFH.

🚚 Takeaway and islandwide delivery available. Order via Oddle.

🧕 Halal certified.

7. ASAP & CO

If cutting through a really good slab of steak is your favourite meal time activity, this one is definitely for you. Asap & Co (@asapnco) is known for their smoked meats and now they extend their menu available for delivery so you can stay home and still enjoy a great meat feast. Their Stay Home Bundle includes tenderloin rice and pasta bowls, two drinks and two yummy cempedak creme brulee. Looking for more? How about ASAP Signature Bundle for 4 - this one includes a 1.6kg Black Angus Tomahawk!

🚚 Takeaway and islandwide delivery available. Order via FoodHippo.

🧕 Muslim owned. (Check updated verification on the Halalfoodhunt App)


Relief a little of your wanderlust through food, especially if you have a hankering for Turkish cuisine. Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant (@ayasofya_restaurant_sg) has sets so you can easily choose a feast fit for your pax and it’s not just kebabs and pitas. Some sets include Mandi Rice, musakka, pide as well as grilled meats. And of course, let’s not forget they also have KUNAFE!

Ayasofya also has an on-going promotion where mains goes for 30% off! Plus, FREE islandwide delivery for orders above $60.🚚 Takeaways, self-pickup and islandwide delivery available. Order via Whatsapp (+65 8685 4221) - browse menu there.

🧕 Muslim owned. (Check updated verification on the Halalfoodhunt App)


Photo from: Three's A Crowd on Facebook

Get gourmet ice-cream delivered straight to your doorstep from Three’s A Crowd (@threesacrowdcafe). Here you can expect more than just the typical chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. How about Roasted Pistachio, Unicorn Pop and even Durian! This is indulgence without an overpowering sweetness. And if you can’t decide, go with the favourites - the Tampines Favourites that is! Three’s A Crowd also has whole cakes (pre-order required) for your family to enjoy together for birthdays or maybe just for your weekend movie night. Free delivery available for orders above $69!🚚 Takeaways and delivery available. Order via their website (

🧕 Halal certified.


No doubt, some things are best eaten on-site/dine-in. Some things like satay where marinated meats are skillfully grilled over open flames and served to you hot and juicy.

But alas, Phase 2. So we do the next best thing - stay home and order delivery.

Haron Satay (@haronsatay55) offers delivery for their Satay sticks, honeyed chicken wings as well as their Satay Goreng bento/platter sets! Flavourful and tender satay with their signature peanut sauce.

Self-collection is available, but Haron Satay encourages to opt for their delivery service to prevent crowds at their shop. Safety first!🚚 Order via phone call (+65 69095702)

🧕 Muslim owned. (Check updated verification on the Halalfoodhunt App)

11. TANG TEA HOUSE Dim sum session at home? Sure! With Tang Tea House (@tangteahouse), you can enjoy a plethora of tasty dim sum dishes easily all within the comforts of your home. Classics like Golden Sand Bun, Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling, Siew Mai and Steamed Beancurd Roll in Thai Sauce are available.

Or if you’re looking for halal tze char, they have it too! Set meals according to pax are available so you can choose whichever much for your family. Seabass, hotplate tough, fried Black Pepper beef as well as sambal kang kong just to name a few of crowd favourites from Tang Tea House!

🚚 Available for Islandwide Delivery & Pick Up Order via Oddle.

🧕 Halal certified.

perfect for: Dine-in at home with family!

Halal Fun-O-Meter: 🥂🥂🥂

Disclaimer: This is a repost by timeout and full credits is given to them. By no means do we intend to copyright as we would only like to spread the news to others. View the article on their website at:

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