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5 Mini Ramadan Bazaars: Missing the Ramadan Spirit?

Bazaars are a favourite part of Ramadan in Singapore and the tradition lives on this year, albeit in small scale

With the month of Ramadan, comes the lively bazaar(s) where you can find a delightful selection of snacks, food, drinks and also squeeze in some Hari Raya shopping. While the mother of Ramadan bazaars in Geylang Serai will not be happening again this year, some mini and smaller-scale bazaars are popping up all over the island. Missing Ramly burgers and keropok lekor (fish crackers)? Head to these spots at sundown during Ramadan. Bazaar Kita

Photograph: Tobias Krohn/Shutterstock

WHERE Online The annual street light-up, the food stalls, crowds queueing for whatever was the trending snack of the year – Geylang Serai was the go-to place for the Ramadan bazaar in pre-Covid times. This year, cultural hub Wisma Geylang Serai together with the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) has launched Bazaar Kita, a one-stop Ramadan portal that features retail and F&B options (both pre-ordered and ready-to-eat meals), live performances, charity donations and more. Mr Malabar Cafe

Photograph: Hady Jay via Mr Malabar Cafe

WHERE 54 Maude Road

Keeping it small, the Jalan Besar bazaar is a fraction of what we're used to when it comes to Ramadan bazaars but you can still find iconic and popular snacks and street food here. Join the queues to takeaway (it's recommended because of the crowds) pasar malam favourites like the Ramly burger, ayam percik (spiced roasted chicken) and keropok lekor (doughy fish crackers) – as well as new things to try like the indulgent Belgian chocolate and brown sugar fresh milk from Habibtea.

Paradiso by HAO

Photograph: Hao Mart

WHERE The Grandstand

Taking over the grounds where Pasarbella used to be, Paradiso by Hao houses more than 20 Halal food stands and shops. Find kebabs, Ramly burgers (a staple in any Ramadan bazaar), satay, coney dogs traditional kueh and ice cold drinks to feast for iftar. While you're there, check out the retail shops where you can get outfits for Eid and more.

Makan Empire

Photograph: Makan Empire

WHERE 11 Kaki Bukit Rd 4

Halal coffeeshop Makan Empire in Bartley Biz Centre will also be a mini bazaar during Ramadan. Come sundown, feast on all types of traditional kueh, mee goreng, kebabs and even popular Turkish desserts like baklava and kanafeh. Mini Bazaar at 51 Guillemard Road

Photograph: Takul by EM

WHERE 51 Guillemard Rd

This mini bazaar is mini but mighty. Organised by local caterers Takul by EM and Tawakkal Kitchen, you can order food coma-inducing favourites like tulang, biryani, nasi kerabu, nasi ayam bakar and more. Complete the meal with equally indulgent snacks like pisang salai and assorted traditional kueh.


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