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AMGD: Eat Well Live Well

AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd! just like how good you will feel after eating their amazing meals. AMGD is a start up business made by three friends. A basic conversation turn a dream to reality.

Every menu is curated with chefs and a team of expert dietitians and nutritionists. Using power ingredients to increase your daily performance and quality of life. Eat well to live well.

Taste Ahhmazing dishes in their AMGDLITE Menu!

For example, their My Beau Poke Bowl with ingredients like pasta, chicken, rock melon, dragonfruit and many more yummy ingredients! Which only adds up to a total of 190 calories per serving!

Or their, Torando Poke Bowl with ingredients like spicy prawns and lotus root and adds up to a total of 184 calories per serving.

You can also joined their AMGD pass holder to earn rewards that can gain you yummy low calorie cookies and snacks(BTW, their cookies are sooo good.)

Simple, straightforward and effective. AMGD gurantees once you try AMGD, nothing else compares. Oh and did we mention that the food will be delivered right to your doorstep? Because they do! Thanks to AMGD's technology! So why wait? Get your AMGD subscription now!

Learn more about AMGD through their website


Perfect for: Healthy eating this Ramadan!

Halal Fun-O-Meter: 🥂🥂🥂

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