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Binggrae Ice Cream And Flavoured Milk Are Now Halal-Certified In Singapore

Does anyone else remember the Korean banana milk craze back in 2016? 🤔If you don’t, lets refresh your memory! Popularised by K-Dramas like Globlin: The Lonely and Great God (featuring Actor Gong Yoo), Korean banana milk was highly sought after by fans of the series and snack lovers alike. The creators of the milk are known as Binggrae, South Korea’s leading distributor of dairy products and they’re happy to announce that their ice creams and milks are now halal-certified in Singapore! ✨

Binggrae produces one of the most ingenious ice cream and milk concepts. Besides their super famous Korean banana milk (which tastes very different from the banana milk we’re used to), they’re known for their ice creams too like their delicious Melona ice bars, which comes in the flavours Melon, Yam, Strawberry, Mango and much more! 😋The ice bars are HUGE and are the perfect refreshing dessert after a long and tiring day.

You may have also seen their Samanco ice cream in supermarkets! The Samanco brand offers traditional Korean flavours (like red bean or strawberry jam) layered within vanilla ice cream and sandwiched between two fish-shaped wafers. 😄The concept may feel foreign, but it’s actually inspired by Bunggeopang, a fish-shaped South Korean pastry filled with red bean filling and is typically eaten in the Winter months. But with Samanco ice cream, you can eat it all year round!

If you’re not really a fan of ice cream, Binggrae’s extensive milk line will get you spoiled for choice. 😉After seeing immense success with their banana milk over the years, Binggrae has continued to make a variety of other flavours, including Melon, Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry and even Lychee.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the products by Binggrae, but there is still so much more you have to find out about for yourself! 😆Now that their ice creams and milk are halal-certified, which one are you craving to get? SHARE this article with your friends and loved ones so that everyone can taste the delicious goodness Binggrae’s desserts bring.


This is a repost by HaveHalalWillTravel and full credits is given to them. By no means do we intend to copyright as we would only like to spread the news to others. View the article on their website at

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