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EthosBeverages : Cultivating a unique relationship between brand and consumer.

A newly open drink stall started in August 2021, Called Ethos Beverages currently located at EATBOX serving COFFEES | MILKTEAS | AÇAÍ BERRIES. Not only it is delicious it is Muslim Owned!

Credit: EthosBeverages “Ethos is about evolving into an all-inclusive community to work towards raising the quality of lives and the environment, equally.’’ - Ethos Beverages Their name Ethos was inspire By the Greek God Athena to send a message of righteousness. Sustainability is the key message they trying to reach out to their consumer as why the bottle is serve in glass as to remind us to recycle.

Credit: EthosBeverages With their new launch packaging that has been upgraded size of 350ml. The glass bottles will keep customers coming back for their refills only at $3. Currently Launching with 5 Drinks. • Rose Milk Tea

• Popcorn Milk Tea

• Rose Latte

• Cold Brew (Black)

• Orange Cold Brew

Credit: EthosBeverages With their Classic Drink would be their go to Rose latte! if you want to tingle your tastebuds, try the Popcorn Milk tea. It will shock you I'll assure you. All has been catered to by barista advices. Even while you choosing drink you get a taste test and give feedback on the taste itself before purchasing! In future their might bring in flower infuse coffee for those love 2 in 1, to replicate a taste memory, not only that keto as well! Did i forget to tell you they will have a café? So do keep a lookout for them at theirs IG @ethos.beverages

Don't wait , Grab yours today ! Location : EATBOX @ Tekka Place Annex Building 8am-10.30pm

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