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Love, Food Club: The CCA we wished exist when we were in school

Perfect for: Reces...we mean lunch meetings

What do we call when we accidentally stumble upon a restaurant? Fate. And that is exactly what it is when we stumbled upon Love, Food Club at 9 Perak Road. Sounds familiar? Love, Food Club is the F&B venture of Love, Nina Zazali, a local lifestyle and clothing brand.

Spoilt for choice

According to their social media, the restaurant is a casual-style eatery offering a vast choice of cuisines ranging from comforting local food to western delicacies. Well, of course during our visit we could not give up the opportunity of experiencing the best of both worlds.

What is a meal without starters, right? The grilled calamari ($9.90) was calling to us and well...we naturally succumb to temptations.

We were pleasantly surprised to know that the dish was served with oatmeal bread and buttery cream sauce, which is totally perfect for: your instagram story. While we would prefer if there were slightly a bit more char to the calamari, the savoury burst of flavours accompanied with the different combination of textures is one we never thought would go well together. Yumz.

Next, on to our mains. Personally, our go-to food is pasta. Well, what can we say? It is so versatile and there are endless pastabilities to have them.

We ordered the Beef Carbonara ($19.80) that is usually served with beef pastrami, cream sauce and sous vide egg. Changed the type of meat to mushroom instead and we got ourselves a plate of goodness. The type of pasta available is limited to spaghetti but then again we love all our pastas in any shape and form.

And yes, here is the egg-citing moment you've been waiting for: breaking the yolk.

Ooh la laa, just look at that goodness.

Next, we can never go wrong with local cuisine. With that, we gave the Seafood Horfun ($15.40) a shot.

They were definitely not stingy with their seafood as the dish was packed with prawns, fishcakes, squid and mussels. It was a seafood party and we were definitely invited.

Moving on, we heard raves about the ayam panggang and decided to get both the Ayam Panggang Percik ($22) and Ayam Panggang Belado ($22).

The chicken thigh was HUGE and definitely worth every bite. Simply put, no regrets. But we do prefer the percik a little bit more than the belado, hehe.

Take their bubbletea seriously

Just like how we take our fun seriously, Love, Food Club truly takes their bubbletea seriously.

With an extensive bubbletea menu, ranging from classic milk tea flavours to blended fruit concoctions, there is definitely something for everyone!

Customers are able to customise their drink by choosing their preferred tea (brown sugar, green tea, fruit juice or blended concoctions) and adding their own favourite toppings.

And yes, you can also choose your size and sugar level!

The verdict

With the vast amount of items to choose from in their menu, safe to say we could bring even our pickiest friend to eat there. We only wish some flavours of their dishes could be stronger. Something that truly stood out was the hospitality at Love, Food Club: the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and we had a great lunch. Overall, we would be back to try their other dishes!

Address: 9 Perak Road, Singapore 208130

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 08:00am – 12:00am

Sunday: 08:00am – 10:00pm


Perfect for: Lunch meetings, casual hangout

Halal FUNometer: 🥂🥂🥂


Photos taken by Mira S.

This is an independent review by

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