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Maxx Coffee: Coffee or Pastry, Sir?

Indonesia’s rising coffee culture is one to watch, and with the emergence of their famed cafe brands opening here in Singapore, we finally get to experience what the hype is all about. Case in point: Maxx Coffee.

Indonesia-based cafe chain Maxx Coffee launched its first international outpost in Singapore this year, and has only recently received halal certification. But first, who’s Maxx Coffee?

Who’s Maxx Coffee?

Indonesia is the one of the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world, so coffee is certainly in their veins.

Riding on the popularity of the third wave coffee movement, Maxx Coffee “designed modern contemporary store environments” in a bid to reinvent the way people drink and experience coffee.

The first Maxx Coffee store opened in Jakarta in 2015. Since then, the brand has expanded throughout the country to some 80 outlets across 23 cities all over Indonesia.

Today, Maxx Coffee stores provide comfortable settings and thoughtful features including co-working spaces, functional meeting rooms and manual brew bars offering select single-origin beans mainly sourced from regions of Sumatera Lintong, Java Ciwidey and Aceh Gayo.

Maxx Coffee’s first outlet at NUS features a ‘slow bar’ where customers can sit and watch their cup of coffee brewed right in front of them.

In July, Maxx Coffee opened another outlet in Jem. According to its website, more stores are slated to open soon at various places like HDB Hub and NUH Medical Centre.

Signature beverages

At Maxx Coffee, customers can choose their preferred roast; medium dark roast or dark roast, for espresso-based beverages. Customers can also opt for their preferred brewing method, including French press and pour-over styles of V60 or Chemex.

While you can get the standard Americano (from S$4.30) and Latte (from S$5.70) at Maxx Coffee, there are a few drinks on the menu that are unique to them.

These include:

Latte Freddo (S$6.50)

A signature drink prepared using their exclusive house blend of Indonesian and South American coffee beans.

Klepon Freddo (S$6.50)

Inspired by the sweet ondeh-ondeh kuih — or klepon as it is known as in Indonesia — the espresso-based drink is topped with milk and infused with familiar notes of gula melaka, pandan and coconut. Served in a cup rimmed with brown sugar.

Melaka Brulee Latte (from S$6.50)

Caramelized gula melaka with hints of vanilla and toasted coffee combine to make this perfect pick-me-up.

Melaka Matcha Latte (from S$6.50)

A winning combo of gula melaka and matcha in a beverage.

Pandan Macchiato (S$5.70)

This drink is characterised by the distinct yet well-loved aroma of pandan leaf which lends a subtle yet refreshing floral undertone to a classic.

All beverages are available hot or iced in Small, Medium or Maxx sizes, with the exception of The Signature Freddo, which is only available in one size.

Light bites at Maxx Coffee

Besides its coffee, Maxx Coffee also offers a range of baked meals, artisanal deli products, and assorted pastries and cake – some with a local twist. But its signature pastry has got to be the cruffins — croissant dough twirled into the shape of a muffin.

The cruffins come in these flavours: Srikaya, Pandan Gula Melaka, Oreo and Bandung.

Sandwiches & Pies

If you’re seeking for something more substantial, moreish picks include Maxx Coffee’s assortment of freshly made croissants and multigrain sandwiches (starting from $7.20).

Choose from a wholesome selection from the likes of Smoked Salmon on Multigrain, Classic Beef Pastrami on multigrain, Oregano Chicken Croissant and Tuna Mayo Croissant.

Other deli products include wraps and pitas as well as freshly-tossed salads.

Other heartier options like Carbonara and Lasagne Pie ($7.60) are also available. The former features a creamy Turkey Ham Alfredo filling and the latter, a tangy Chicken Bolognese sauce. Both pies come encased in a light and buttery crust and a generous layer of melted cheese.

Images by Maxx Coffee.

Address: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-34/35, Singapore 608549 Halal status: MUIS halal-certified Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00am – 10:30pm Friday, Saturday and PH Eve: 8:00am – 11:00pm Facebook | Instagram | Website


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