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Mockohol: Muslim-Friendly Premium Bottle Shop

Who are we?

We are a 100% Muslim owned company, with the goal of bringing fun to halal through providing a Muslim friendly selection of premium bottled beverages to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and anytime.

We realize that there are so many robust drinks that we, as Muslims, are missing out on due to its alcoholic content. So we’ve decided to do something about it - by putting together a selection of premium bottled beverages that we can enjoy and at the same time inculcate wholesome living.

Our fully non-alcoholic selections are carefully handpicked by our founder, The Halal Mixologist (owner of Singapore’s first halal bars) for their 0.0% alcohol content, yet at the same time not compromising on the quality, taste and more importantly class.

Gift Bundles

If you are looking for a gift to surprise your loved ones with this festive season, we got you covered. Discover our series of gift bundles, and you don't have to crack your brain to think of the perfect gift.

Our Platform

On our E-commerce platform, you can find our extensive selection of muslim-friendly premium bottles. If you're thinking of what to get for your friends and families, especially with the festive season right around the corner, Mockohol got you covered! Browse through our suite of premium bottled beverages now.

Place an order through our website at your own convenience anywhere and anytime, and we will surprise you with the goods right at your doorstep.

Note: For now, we only deliver within Singapore.

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